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Buy ethereum instantly at trusted stores near you

EtherXATM is America’s largest network of ethereum ATMs, cashiers, and kiosks.

New to ethereum? Check out the EtherXATM help center for answers to all of your questions.

Choose your preferred payment method

10- ATM


Purchase ethereum from your traditional neighborhood ATM. It’s just like withdrawing cash from your bank account except you will receive ethereum instantly!


Prefer to purchase ethereum from a person? Visit one of our Cashier stores where you can pay with cash or debit card.

09- smartphone-payment

Cash Kiosk

For consumers looking for a self-service option, we also offer cash kiosks.

Step 1: Easy sign up

Sign up with phone or Email.

Step 2: Check your stats

Keep track of your eatherX statistics.

Step 3: Buy & Send

One click Buy and Send.

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